Remnants Of The Precursors - Mod Downloads

Here you can find the mods I created for Remnants Of The Precursors – a Java-based modernization of the original Master of Orion game from 1993 created by Ray Fowler. The game itself can be downloaded here.

Please note, that you can only mod the Java Version of Remnants Of The Precursors. To make sure you download the Java Version, you need to download the Remnants.jar file from here (not the which contains an .exe). If you already installed the game, you can tell that you have the correct Java version by opening the game folder and looking for a file called Remnants.jar. This is the correct version. If you open your game folder and see Remnants.exe, then your game cannot be modded and you need to download the Java version.

Download The Artwork Mod

You can download and install all my adjustments with this all-in-one-package. It includes:

  • New artwork for the Human diplomat
  • Adjusted artwork for the Psilon diplomat
  • Display the Klackon Diplomat instead of just the Klackon logo

All of the adjustments will be enabled automaticly in game after you extracted them. If you do not wish to enable one of the changes, just don’t extract its respective folder. It’s that easy. You’ll find a readme inside the package that shows the installation process of the mod in detail.

This mod only works for the Remnants.jar Version, NOT the (containing the .exe)

Mod Version 1.0 (works with ROTP 1.0 - 1.04)

Installation Quick Guide

Please follow this slideshow to install the mod properly:

Installation FAQ

When I double-click on the newly created .jar file (that now contains your mod), I get the following error: Invalid or corrupt jarfile.
You packed the whole folder „Remnants“ instead of its two subfolders. So when you try to start your modded Remnants.jar the game searches for the folder „rotp“ but does only find the folder „Remnants“. Open your folder „Remnants“ and click its contents (should be 2 folders), then create your archive again and rename it to Remnants.jar.

I’d love to use your mod but I can’t to get it to work. I use Windows, I tried extracting the mod files to the game files (just to the game’s folder, not to any .jar files, I can’t seem to find one.
You downloaded the zip version of the game that contains an exe file. This version cannot be modded. Download the Java / .jar Version of the game.

See The Mod In Action

There’s a little preview for you, so that you know what you’ll get before you even download. The Human diplomat has been entirely changed to make it look female and fit the design of the other races. The Psilon diplomat now doesn’t wear transparent clothes and lipstick anymore. And finally the Klackon Diplomat can be seen in each ingame screen instead of the Klackon Hive Logo.


If you find an error or if you’ve got questions, you can contact me at the Reddit page of Remnants Of The Precursors here:

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